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Get to know me!

Hello. Hi!

So I’ve finally decided to start a blog...

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for checking out my new blog and first ever blog post!

So... Who am I?

I will make this short and sweet...

Name: Rusheen

Age: 90's baby

Location: England, United Kingdom

Profession: Manager at one of the UK's leading parcel delivery brands.

Background: I was born in Jamaica and moved to England in 1999. After completing university, I started to work for a reputable company and worked my way up the career ladder.

#Beach #Jamaica #90sBaby #SoloSheen #RusheenTravels
At the beach in Jamaica

I grew up in a single-parent household in the West Midlands. My mother made sure that my brother and I had a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, food in our tummies and a good education. We could not afford the luxury of travel outside of the UK, so to compensate, we went on many day trips around the United Kingdom. Our first ever family holiday abroad was to Cyprus when I was 19 years old. On the trip to the airport to board our flight to Cyprus, I remember being SO EXCITED for the holiday. And when we returned back to the UK, I remember being on the biggest high of my life. That is when I found my love for travel!

#90sBaby #FamilyPictures #SoloSheen #RusheenTravels
Pictures of us in Jamaica in the 90s (Top left image is when we first moved to England)

So... Why am I blogging?

Since then, I have traveled to 11 countries across 4 continents. I have traveled to many destinations and I am inspired by the people I have met and the places I have seen. I love to experience different cultures, try out new activities and make memories that will last me a lifetime! Travelling makes me happy! And I want to share my happiness with like-minded individuals! I have been contemplating starting a travel blog for around 2 years now. Its 2020 and I have finally decided to do it! I have a degree in Business Management and my goal is to become self-employed one day by turning my love for travel into a full-time career.

I usually travel with friends and family but in 2019 I grew tired of the disappointment of canceling and delaying my travel plans because my travel buddies were not able to make it. There were many reasons for the canceled trips (people not being able to get time off work, people not being able to afford it, childcare issues, etc, etc). I am young, healthy and financially stable with no dependents, so this is the best time for me to travel and see the world! One day, I was driving to work and thought to myself... "Why should I put my passion for travel on hold because of other people? If I wait for them, I will miss out on great travel deals, adventures and memories". After that day, I vowed to travel on MY TERMS. I will go where I want, whenever I want without having to wait for people. That was the best decision I made in 2019! Solo traveling has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone and I am proud of myself for having the confidence to travel alone and still have AMAZING ADVENTURES! Cheers to 2020! It is the 5th day of the year and I have already started to make solo travel plans.

I work full-time and try to travel as often as I can throughout the year! But it is very tricky when the company you work for only gives you 23 days of annual leave per year! I will be sharing how I manage to travel to multiple destinations throughout the year whilst climbing up the career ladder.

The Rusheen Travels Blog will feature a wide range of topics to give my readers inspiration for their next adventure and make booking and selecting your next travel destination much more straightforward. The topics will include travel tips, product/ service reviews, recommendations and how to find affordable flights and hotels. I will also share my experience of being a young black British female traveler across the globe. Plus, I will share how I style and maintain my afro hair for vacations and skin/hair care products for the melanated travelers. Lastly, I have plenty of stories to share... From amazing tours to broken friendships and holiday nightmares.

You do not need to be a full-time travel junkie to follow my blog! If you like to travel when you get the opportunity, want to find out tips and tricks to improve your holiday experience and want to connect with likeminded globetrotters, then stay tuned for my new blog posts!

If you made it this far... Thank you for reading!

All feedback on my blog posts is appreciated and encouraged!

Please get in touch if you have any questions and suggestions by commenting on my posts! Feel free to contact me via email

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